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It appears that you’re already making many positive dietary and lifestyle choices - and your body is thanking you for it. Your commitment to nutrition and healthy living leaves others admiring your ‘glow’, and wondering how you’re so energetic and youthful for your age.

And so even if you’re not exactly where you want to be yet - you’re glad to be making progress on your own terms.

You are however conscious of the fact that the human body is a complex machine, and that the world of nutrition is constantly evolving as a result of new discoveries and trends affecting agriculture and the environment.

That’s why you realize it’s crucial to keep yourself educated through the latest studies, and inspired through fun new recipes, meal plans and cleanses that make healthy eating a pleasure.

Thank you for being an inspiration to yourself and others!

Knowledge is power, but only action leads to results. So now that you know where you stand… isn’t it time you started ironing out the kinks in your diet and lifestyle?

You’re invited to Young & Raw’s upcoming online wellness workshop, where we’ll empower you with an easy-to-follow game plan for cleansing your kitchen and your body from:


From addictive flavor enhancers and misleading marketing, to harmful pesticides and nutrient-killing soil degradation… discover 7 ways the food industry is keeping our bodies overweight, stressed and sick in the name of profit (and how to regain your health and personal power in these challenging times).


1 PM Pacific Time . 3 PM Central Time . 4 PM Eastern Time

Can't make it for the live session?

No problem - just book your access below, and on Thursday we'll send you a replay of the entire online workshop that you can then watch like a YouTube video.

Are your health, weight and energy not exactly where you want them to be?

Are you spending too much effort in the kitchen and the gym,
for too little results?

And do you still struggle with stress and fatigue on
most of your hectic days?

As someone who cares about what you put in your body, you already know that food is the catalyst to both holistic wellbeing…

And to many of the physical challenges you and your loved ones face daily.

From your weight and your mood to your rate of aging and even chronic illnesses.

You’re also aware of the urgent era we live in...

And that the world is stuck in a food crisis sparked by generations of irresponsible agriculture and food manufacturing.

But no matter what stage you’re at on your journey towards optimal living, what you may not yet fully realize is that:
So much of the “healthy” food you’re consciously choosing daily… has in fact been quietly poisoning you and your loved ones for years!

And it’s not your fault… because the truth is that for generations we’ve been cunningly deceived by the commercial food industry (or as we call ‘em, ‘Big Phood’).

So much of the “healthy” food you’re consciously choosing daily… has in fact been quietly poisoning you and your loved ones for years!

  • Many essential vegetables sold in today’s grocery stores - from broccoli to spinach to vegetables - contain barely a fraction of the vitamins you’d find in the same vegetables from a century ago - due to soil degradation caused by irresponsible farming practices…
  • If a person eats a daily portion of fresh non-organic fruit (and in some cases, even fruit falsely labeled as organic), they will have also consumed one gallon of pesticides within a year...

Sources: &

  • Artificial sweeteners in supposedly healthy sugar-free foods and drinks contain a powerful and addictive neurotoxin that also triggers brain-deteriorating diseases like Alzheimers…
  • And that many foods marketed as wholesome with labels like “All Natural”, “Zero Trans Fat” and “Made With Real Fruits/Vegetables” are in fact obscenely unhealthy franken-foods taking advantage of the FDA’s many loopholes...

Sources: &

… and that’s just the tip of one seriously big iceberg!

To navigate the nutritional hazards, avoid the addictive chemicals and sidestep the food-triggered diseases of today’s world, you’re going to need the right information… and a solid game plan.

This is why on Wednesday, September 23rd, we’re hosting an eye-opening online wellness workshop to help you take back your body and your health from Big Phood.

Our goal is to show you today’s most vital nutritional studies... the latest agricultural & environmental trends that are influencing what’s healthy and what’s not… and the brand new food guidelines we’ve created to help you make the most of the best dietary knowledge available to mankind.

All so you can finally start choosing REAL food (and avoiding the bad stuff pretending to be good stuff) in 2015 and beyond.

Take us up on this invitation, and you’ll join thousands in the Young & Raw community on an eye-opening 90-minute journey as we explore:

  • The sneaky artificial ingredients and so-harmful-they-should-be-illegal additives to look out for (and avoid at all costs!) the next time you go grocery shopping.
  • Why some vegan foods are less healthy than animal foods, and other innocent yet damaging mistakes most of us make in our diets.
  • How to identify the state of your hormones by just looking at where your body stores its excess fat (this simple method gives you an accurate gauge in seconds).
  • The number one medical test you must get right NOW if you’re struggling with low energy or fat retention.
  • Foods that sabotage your body’s healing process: if you fall sick just a little too often and stay sick just a little too long, these common ingredients used in almost every American meal could be wreaking havoc in your body (hint: soy is just one of them).
  • How Young & Raw community member April Boicourt lost 71 pounds and even saved her family’s health by ditching so-called “healthy” low fat and low sugar foods, and switching to REAL foods.
  • Food, movement and m _ _ _ _ _ _: discover the 3 simple pillars for a healthy lifestyle, that will erase your unhealthy eating habits and replace them with effortlessly healthy urges for life (imagine the joy of craving kale instead of potato chips!)
  • And much more.

This online wellness workshop is a call to action to reclaim your holistic wellbeing...

Your right to know what you’re putting in your body...

And your freedom to live every day to your highest potential, energized by wholesome food that heals and nourishes you.

We’re pouring our hearts and souls into this session, and sharing everything we’ve got to trigger REAL breakthroughs in your diet, your ideal weight and your wellbeing.

So we sincerely hope you’ll join us and thousands in the Young & Raw community Wednesday, September 23rd for this life and health-changing experience.

Think of it like an interactive TV show; all you need to take part is your computer and a stable internet connection.

This is a one-off broadcast, and we have no plans to host another. Secure your spot now by clicking on the button below:

A Young & Raw online wellness workshop:


1 PM Pacific Time . 3 PM Central Time . 4 PM Eastern Time

Admission Fee: $7 only

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Can't make it for the live session?

No problem - just book your access now, and on Thursday we'll send you a replay of the entire online workshop that you can then watch like a YouTube video.

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Why are we charging you for this online workshop?

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll know we’ve hosted numerous free online workshops in the past. But what we’ve found is that more than half of those who register for our free workshops don’t show up! This token sum of $7 is a nominal fee that we trust will lock in your commitment to show up and take ACTION on everything you learn on this session. The dietary wisdom, inspiration and ideas you get from this 90-minute session are worth thousands of times more to your long-term health and vitality - and we can’t wait to get it into your hands.

Yes, please secure my spot for the online wellness workshop.

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